Creatine, Is It Good or Bad?

Once you have reached a certain level in your workout program you might want to take a step further. To achieve this some people simply put it down to hard work, whilst others take advantage of what their body can offer and provide it with some supplements that can aid it in faster muscle growth and quicker recovery times. Once such supplement that could be considered to take you to the next level of muscle growth is creatine. For years people have been adding this into their diet to supplement their workouts. Unfortunately creatine has had some bad press, so is it good or bad? This is something that is vitally important to work out before you begin to take it as a supplement.

Negative Views

Some scientists and dieticians have claimed the creatine is bad for you, and could cause long-term problems that are extremely hard to reverse. This is due to the fact that overuse of creatine can lead to kidney issues. Those who could be susceptible to renal problems should always avoid the use of creatine in any supplement, as there are hard facts that show that creatine can be a major cause of renal problems. It can also lead to problems such as cysts on the kidneys, and even kidney failure. Obviously this is something that everyone will try to avoid, and long-term studies show that those with no susceptibility to these issues should be OK. That being said, no one advises long-term digestion of creatine as the chances of a problem occurring increase the longer you take creatine for. Consequently it is always advised that you use creatine for around a month, and then have an extended break before returning to it.

Don’t Let Them Put You Off

That all being taken into consideration, there is no doubt that creatine can help with your performance in the gym, as many supplement reviews will tell you. Studies show that is can do amazing things for your workouts, so creatine should be up there if you are on the way to buy supplements. They show that there is an increase in maximum power and performance of around 5 to 15%. When you consider what this means for your workout, it could really push you onto the next level and beyond. There are also studies that show creatine will help with recovery of damaged muscle fibres, consequently ensuring that you can perform at your best level whenever you work out. It is important to remember that creatine might not work for everyone, but there is no doubt that it can be a superb addition to your regime. It is also vital to remember that any creatine that you take should only be added as a supplement for a limited time to avoid any complications with other parts of your body.

Clearly creatine can help you, but you need to be aware of the issues surrounding its uses as a supplement. If you are concerned about any of the issues then you need to take some advice before adding creatine into your diet. Otherwise, as long as you are sensible with how you take it, and how much you add, then there should be no issues and you should see a difference in the weight you can lift and your performance. Sometimes you need a lift to get you over a mental block, and a supplement such as creatine could push you into the next level of your training.

Author Bio: This article is written by James who is wondering whether to buy supplements online and how they can help him with his daily workout.

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