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  1. Something I’ve never seen before. An actual entry on Pectus Carinatum on a body building/fitness site. Congrats! You truly have my respect for that…I have PC and am 36 y/o. Periodically I’ll do a search on the internet and see what’s out there regarding the condition. Many advances have been made for correction…. I suppose in honesty, since PC does not pose (in most cases) a health threat like PE might, I follow a different philosophy as far as correction goes (I’ve just lived with it)… The battle is 99.9% pshycological. We’re all human and seek approval from the opposite sex. To us this seems very physical at first- based on appearance… Up to this time in my life, I can say to any guy out there you will win a woman’s heart if you’re REAL. I’ve proved that to myself and proved the words of others. As far as working out goes, we need to keep it up as it helps maintain that strong body/spirit function. BUT, for conditions like PC, we tend to concentrate too much on appearance (I speak from experience). Once you let that go and are real you advance pretty quickly….BTW, this is not to bash those who seek correction. I’m just trying to put things in the right context. As far as my intensity of spirit goes I’d challenge any human being on the face of the earth. The physical follows.

    • I completely agree with your outlook on this. I hope everyone with pectus carinatum will come to the same confidence level as you. Most people who read this post are teenagers and I hope that as they get older they will learn to accept themselves the way they are.

  2. Hi I’m 14 years old and have this condition so i’d just lik to say thanks for this site it gives me alot of reassurance and hope thanks.

    • Thanks for reading and sorry for the delay in replying and approving these posts. I have to sift through all the spammers and hackers comments to get to all the real comments that you are leaving for me.

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