Hollister Model and Abercrombie Model Workouts 2012

Abercrombie and Hollister stores once again had their shirtless greeters for black Friday 2012 shoppers across the country. The irony behind the concept that shirtless men can attract scrambling teenagers to buy clothes is beyond me. But, if the opportunity arises I am always willing to greet the chaos of black Friday! Below are some of the ab workouts and exercises I did preparation for this shopping frenzy. Here is another article with more Abercrombie/Hollister greeter workouts.


Leg Lifts

toes-to-bar-leg-liftsDifferent body weight exercises can be the best way to get, not only a six pack, but an entire core that is shredded beyond belief! This toes to bar workout is my newest discovery. With your knees bent and your back slightly hunched you simply raise your toes to the bar. Do this until you want to puke, or until you feel good about yourself:)

Target Lower Abs

arnold-leg-liftsIf you want to get the “V” try to target your lower abs a lot. Same concepts as above but focus on controling your body and not swinging. Flex your lower abs and bring your legs to a 90 degree angle. Try to hold for a second before letting your legs back down. This will hurts a lot. Don’t get a hernia!

16, not 6 pack

Your obliques and serratus muscles will make it look like you have a 16 pack! Do these side to side motions while hanging from the bar to really work out your side muscles. There are many ways to work these muscles, so get creative but don’t hurt yourself.

Full range of motion

straight-leg-lifts-and-crunchTo work your lower and upper abs equally you may try this more advanced workout. Point your toes directly in front for the lower abs then raise them to the ceiling to crunch your upper abs. It may take time to work up to this so be patient if you can’t do it right away.

Cable Cruches


Cable crunches are great for bulking because you can put as much weight on as you need.

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