How to Save Money on Your Home Gym

Home Vs Gym

Exercise bikesThe first thing you need to do is figure out whether or not it would be cheaper to have a gym at home or to just join a gym that is in your area. Sometimes, gym memberships can cost a lot of money, especially if you don’t have the motivation to go often. However, having a home gym can cost a lot of money too. This is because you not only have to find a place in their home to put the gym (and sometimes do major renovation), you then have to buy all of the equipment, whatever that may be.


Figure out the specific exercise equipment that you need. For some people, this list is very brief, but it can also be unbelievably extensive for others. A lot of people think that if they buy one certain piece of equipment, they can then use it to do all of their exercises. However, it is going to be very costly to assume this. You may realize down the road that you’re not really exercising your entire body, and you’ll then need to buy more. One of the most popular bigger exercise equipment is a treadmill, since you can easily work out a lot of the body at different paces, and you can always work harder.

The Right Price

I would highly recommend buying exercise equipment online. Most of the time, you can easily find special deals on a multitude of exercise equipment that you won’t find elsewhere. A lot of exercise equipment stores will ship equipment for free too, especially if the store really needs your business. Saving on shipping is going to help anyone save a LOT of money over time!


The fourth tip is to make sure that you consider the cost of maintenance in your home. If you have weight machines, they could likely break or get tangled up, and then you’ll have to hire someone to come in and repair them. If you instead use aerobic equipment, you’ll have to worry about the motor, since it is usually the first thing to go out on a bigger exercise machine. Therefore, it is very important that you make sure there is a good motor on anything you buy!


Make sure you look at warranties on every single piece of exercise equipment you buy. Most of the time, if a person buys a piece of exercise equipment online, it should come with a warranty of at least one year. This is because the warranty is going to need to cover certain things like repairs and maintenance that could happen during the period of time that the warranty is for. Plus, don’t forget that the warranty needs to be good for whatever place that you decide to take the exercise equipment to get the repairs fixed.

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