Is Bodyweight Training For Me?

The first thing you need to know about body weight training is that it is not as difficult as the classic weight exercises. This type of training improves the whole body; it is associated by many with military endurance training and is an excellent choice for the development of the upper body.

The major problem with body weight training is that people don’t know how to properly progress with their exercises. The majority of people just do inverted rows and the basic variation of pushups and come to the conclusion it is not difficult to build muscles. However, these exercises are not enough to provide ideal results since they do not progress in difficulty; and this, as anyone who is an expert in body weight training can tell you, is the key to a successful training regimen.

A reason that people think they can add muscle more effectively by using weight training is the fact that it is easier to grab a dumbbell than it is to progress from a frog stand to a planche push-up ding in one year or two. Thus, you need a lot of discipline and patience. As the exercises become more and more difficult, you will not progress quickly, but the results will be better.

One of the most important rules of body weight training is including a lifting exercise and a body weight exercise for every muscle group you are looking to train. The basic and most important exercises include the inverted row, push-up, pull-up, squat, handstand push-up, calf rise and split squat. Try to have a progressive goal for your training because this is the simplest way of achieving the desired results. Moreover, you will get the most of your body weight training if you decide to go for short and intense training sessions. Try to work out for half an hour every day rather than two hours twice a week.

Some coaches will argue that a pull-down is inferior to a chin up when it comes to building muscles. Even though there are different opinions about the exercises, you can always ask a professional for advice or do an online search to discover what is suitable for you. For instance, according to what each person chooses, lat pull downs can be more effective than chin ups because most people are not built enough to do chin ups straight away.

Poor knowledge about body weight training is the major reason why people are not getting enough from the exercises. These exercises can build muscle rapidly, especially if you choose to do the difficult ones. As a rule of thumb, the best combination for building your muscles is a mix of body weight training, strongman implements and weight lifting. In combination with a healthy diet rich in proteins and vegetables, these exercises are a very good way to keep in shape and build muscle no matter your age. By doing this every day, you will feel the difference in a positive way after just a couple of months.


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