7 Ways to Stay Motivated Towards Your Fitness Goals

Everyone who has fitness goals suffers the fitness routine blues every once in a while. If you find that you are dragging your heels when it comes to working out lately, then it is time to inject some new life into your routine. Here are seven ways to stay motivated towards your fitness goals: Continue reading

7 Healthy Eating Habits

Healthy eating habits are all about common sense. Every person’s dietary needs differ as per age, gender, body type and the kind of work they are involved in. There isn’t one size fits all kind of dietary plan available in the market that will provide a miracle cure to all your health problems. Continue reading

5 Signs You Should Steer Clear of a Personal Trainer

A personal trainer can be a wonderful tool in your goal to get fit or lose weight. Unfortunately, not all personal trainers are cut out for the job. Whether they lack the drive or certifications, there are some personal trainers that should be avoided. Here are five signs you should steer clear of a personal trainer. Continue reading

5 Things to Look for in a Personal Fitness Trainer

Summer is right around the corner, and that means swimsuit season is almost here! If you find yourself dreading the moment you must reveal your bathing suit body, then have no fear – you still have enough time to make some major physical changes that can have you feeling confident by the time the hot weather rolls around. Continue reading

5 of the Best iPhone Apps for Fitness Gurus

Fitness is the kind of thing that pushes everybody in different directions. While some people see their waistline expand and leap into action, other people will cringe in terror and go throw on their loosest sweater. Continue reading

Should I Be Wearing a Heart Rate Monitor?

The health and fitness industry is constantly evolving to reflect new technologies, so as to improve our outcomes when we undertake any wellness routine. One technology that is quickly catching on is the personal heart rate monitor. Continue reading

Creatine, Is It Good or Bad?

Once you have reached a certain level in your workout program you might want to take a step further. To achieve this some people simply put it down to hard work, whilst others take advantage of what their body can offer and provide it with some supplements that can aid it in faster muscle growth and quicker recovery times. Continue reading