5 of the Best iPhone Apps for Fitness Gurus

Fitness is the kind of thing that pushes everybody in different directions. While some people see their waistline expand and leap into action, other people will cringe in terror and go throw on their loosest sweater. While there’s no cure for skittishness, a good app can help you rein in your personal fitness and boost your athletic ability while you burn off the baby bump. The following are a few apps that can help you bring out your personal fitness guru, even if you have to literally dig out this person.

Lose It!

Lose It is an app that allows you to be as honest as you want. You input how many calories you eat and how many you burn off during your workouts, and it puts together your budget — and in this case, spending more than you make is a good thing. If you’re honest and can take some hard truth, this is a real humility lesson.


Have you ever tried to explain your route to someone who clearly didn’t get it? Well, with SmartRunner you can show them exactly where you go, whether on foot, on your bike or however. Combining your phone’s GPS with some other features like how many calories you burned, you can show off exactly what kinds of workouts you’ve had.

Yoga Stretch

Ever feel like busting out a yoga pose, but just couldn’t think of one? If you need to get your Gumby on, try Yoga Stretch and put together a quick yoga workout that’ll challenge your individual fitness level. It even works with your music collection, so you can put on something appropriately spiritual and reflective.

Navy SEAL Fitness

When you fight to protect freedom, it’s powerful motivation to stay on your game. Navy SEALS go all over the world in the most hardcore style possible, and this is a guide to emulating their training regimen. While you might never real SEAL standards, giving it your best shot is still excellent by civilian standards.

Endomondo Sports Tracker

Sometimes a little healthy competition can help you break through a slump. With Endomondo Sports Tracker, you can keep track of every bit of your workouts, and compete against other folks with the app. While you could cheat, where’s the fun in pretending to beat somebody?

A great app can help you attack your latest slump and put it into the history books, or it can show you how far you’ve come and let you have a moment of proud reflection. Always stay hungry, and let the above apps help you become your best possible person.

About the Author: Darron Mullee is a fitness guru who has been working out for the past 7 years and is currently working to become a personal trainer. When he’s not working you can find him with a cup of his favorite oolong tea from http://www.goldenmoontea.com while researching new fitness and health trends.

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