5 Signs You Should Steer Clear of a Personal Trainer

A personal trainer can be a wonderful tool in your goal to get fit or lose weight. Unfortunately, not all personal trainers are cut out for the job. Whether they lack the drive or certifications, there are some personal trainers that should be avoided. Here are five signs you should steer clear of a personal trainer.


Watch how the personal trainer interacts with other clients. Is he by their side, encouraging them to keep moving or is he sitting on the sidelines playing with his cell phone? A personal trainer needs to be interested in what his client is doing. Not only is it his job, but not paying attention to a client could result in injury. Plus, who wants to pay a trainer that isn’t interested in what you’re doing?

Lack of Certifications

You need to make sure your personal trainer has the proper certifications. Anyone can claim to be a trainer, but without the proper certifications she may not be knowledgeable about certain conditions or may not know how to properly train someone. This can lead to injury and disappointment in your performance.

Makes Their Clients Uncomfortable

Another reason you should watch a potential personal trainer work with other clients is to determine how he treats his clients. Does his attitude make you feel comfortable? Some trainers may scream at their clients to motivate them and, while that might work for some people, it can be a turn off to others. However, a trainer that is too meek and mild may also be a turn off. That’s why you need to see a trainer in action before working with him.

Isn’t Passionate About Their Job

Some personal trainers lack the enthusiasm to do their job properly. You want someone that is passionate about what she does. She should approach the job with lots of energy so that her clients are motivated to work harder. If the trainer seems sluggish or doesn’t seem to care about her role, you need to find someone else.

Doesn’t Look the Part

Last, but not least, while it’s not nice to judge someone by their appearance, you want a personal trainer that looks like he takes care of his body. After all, if the trainer is 200 pounds overweight, why would he care enough to motivate you to work out?

A personal trainer can be a asset on your journey to becoming fit, but not all personal trainers are good at what they do. Consider the above before hiring your personal trainer.

About the Author: Cory Selle is a personal trainer in training and loves helping others reach their health and fitness goals. He enjoys studying nutrition as well, and is currently focused on intermittent fasting.

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