8 Things That Diminish Effects of Your Pre-Workout Drink

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Have pre-workout drinks, like NO Xplode and Jack 3D, left you with no more energy than before you drank them? I have heard countless people tell me they wasted their money on pre-workout drinks that don’t do anything for them. Every once in a while I experience this same “lack of energy” after taking my Jack 3D, NO Xplode or other type of pre-workout energy supplement.

There is one thing that you have to remember when consuming pre-workout supplements. They are supplements. They supplement your existing diet/exercise routine. If you are eating right and getting enough sleep then they will aid you in your strength gains. If your diet sucks and you never sleep then you are wasting your money and you won’t get any stronger.

Here are 8 things that can kill your pre-workout energy drink buzz:

  • Malnutrition

Like I said before, your supplements are supplemental to your existing diet. Pre-workout drinks are the most effective when your body has nutrition in it. If you eat a healthy lunch and go to the gym 3 hours later then you will feel great. Your lunch will have time to metabolize before you work out and your body will then be ready to absorb the caffeine, arginine, creatine and other supplements. Taking pre-workout drinks on an empty stomach is good as long as you are not malnourished.

  • Fatigue

80% of your bodybuilding happens in your sleep. When your at the gym you are not building muscle tissue you are tearing it down. Your body repairs its self while you sleep. That is why it is important to have some kind of nutrition before going to bed. Like a protein shake.

  • Dehydration

Without going into the science of it. Water is the main thing that delivers nutrients to the tissues in your body. If you don’t drink enough water then your pre-workout drink will have diminished effects. And make you jittery while at the gym. Drink a lot of water!

  • Full Stomach

If your body is already working to digest a big meal then it won’t absorb your supplements. The more food in your stomach the less of an affect your energy drink will have. All of you drinkers out there might be able to relate to this.

  • Waiting Too Long Before Workout

Most pre-workout drinks have instruction on the bottle to take your supplements 30-45 minutes before working out. If you wait too long then the affects of the caffeine and other stuff will wear off. It is generally unhealthy to let this stuff sit in your system with out doing anything.

  • Too Much Caffeine in Your Diet

Consuming too much caffeine can cause fatigue. A lot of people have a morning routine of consuming caffeinated drinks to keep them awake at work and school. If you do this in combination with a pre-workout drink routine you will find yourself tired and fatigued all of the time. For more on this read my other article “Jack-3D Pre-Workout with Energy Drink Causes Fatigue

  • Pre-Workout Drink Tolerance

Afer taking any kind of supplement for an extended period of time your body will build a tolerance for it. Cycle off your supplements periodically and your body will stay receptive to the drugs.

  • Crowded Gym

The biggest buzz kill when going to the gym is having too many people there. If you are an avid gym goer then you dread working out after 4:00PM Monday-Thursday. Unfortunately that’s when everyone is getting out off work and school and everyone and their mother is working out. By the time I can find a bench press or squat rack my pre-workout drink has lost it’s effect.

13 thoughts on “8 Things That Diminish Effects of Your Pre-Workout Drink

  1. i just started takin a pre workout supplement and today it made me feel really weird . im mean ya your heart rates suppose to be fast but i felt light headed my head hurt ny face was all red and i felt like i was going to die.

    • A lot of people can’t use pre-workout drinks for the same reason. In your case if you feel better not using it then DON’T use it. I have seen many people get huge just on protein and working hard. My only advice is to do what YOUR body tells you. There is not one thing that works for everyone. Good luck man and keep us all posted on here!

      • Dont take a whole scoop, im sensitive to caffeine or stimulants so i take about 10% of whats recommended which is practically nothing i mix it to where its basically just flavored water it wakes me up enough to get moving., but yeah some stuff can be for the high tolerant so be careful.

    • I also just started taking pre workout supplements what you do is take half of your choice supplement in my case it is Mr.Hyde and wait the recommended time (15-20 min) and see how it treats your body you should feel a tingling sensation (that’s how you know that it is working) and if you don’t feel that tingle drink the rest. Everybody has different Caffeine Tolerances

  2. hey for the past 2 workouts i have been using jack3d but only the recomended 1 scoop, i am not new to pre workout supplements so i know to a point how my body will react. do you think it would be bad idea to go with 2 scoops for my new workout, or stick with 1 scoop for a bit longer?

    thanks tom

    • I haven’t taken c4 ever. But I just asked a guy at a supplement store and he said it was terrible. That’s his opinion though. He said its like a glorified energy drink, like a Rockstar or Monster energy drink.

  3. Please help, how do I get pre work out of my system ? I took it at 8 pm and slept fine but it’s 5 am and woke up feeling like I’m having a panic attack

    • Sorry for the delay in this response. Make sure you read the label of any pre-workout you take. Many of them have high concentrations of caffein and if you take them late in the evening then you will not be able to fall asleeep. I have done that too and lost sleep. Caffein will also make some people anxious.

    • Ruby,

      I am not really sure how to get pre-workout out of your system other than working it out. If you feel you have taken too much or overdosed on something you might need to see a doctor. Too much of anything can be dangerous. Please use moderation in all things you take into your body.

  4. I have a numb feeling in my face after my workout, and it lasts fo at leadt 2 hrs. Does it have anything to do with my preworkout? I am using c4 btw.

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