Best Pre Workout Jacked 3D and NO Explode

“USPlabs Jack3d, Tropical Fruit Punch, 250 Grams”

Jacked 3D and NO explode are two pre-workout drinks that I alternate between because of their effectiveness. So far I have yet to try anything better than these two. I alternate between the two so my body doesn’t build a tolerance to one or the other. Additional to my alternating I advise to cycle off of pre-workout drinks every month or so. You don’t want your body to become none functional with out supplemental aid.

Jacked 3D

Jacked 3D Pre Workout Review

Jacked 3D Review


  • Smaller servings
  • Less Ingredients
  • Higher intensity than NO Explode and last about 2 hours (perfect for workout)
  • Mixes well in water


  • Crash after workout
  • Suggested serving is not enough for someone over 200lbs
  • Makes my face tingle

After working out I experience a bigger crash if I drink jacked 3d. No Explode is a little smoother and you retain your energy a little longer.

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NO Explode

No Explode Pre Workout Review

NO-Explode Review


  • Smooth, no crash after workout
  • Tastes like candy
  • A lot of additional recovery supplements mixed in.


  • Too sugary
  • Artificial coloring
  • Foams when mixed in water
  • Sometimes does not seem to give me a pump, depending on the day.
  • Lasts too long (about 5 hours) jacked 3D lasts about 2 hours

Sometimes I can feel a bit of pressure in my head behind my eyes as if I was hanging upside down. It can’t be a good thing. If you start to feel things similar to this it would be smart to lower your servings or stop using it all together.

Best Pre Workout

When all is said and done I prefer jacked 3D over NO-Explode. But when my tolerance for jacked is high I know it is time to switch to NO-Explode or cycle off of the two all together.

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