How To Do a Proper Pushup

Proper Pushup

Inner Chest and Triceps Workout


“Military Push Up” This image originated from

  1. Lay flat on the ground
  2. Hands positioned shoulder width apart
  3. Eyes looking forward with your head and neck in line with your back
  4. Elbows pulled in toward your hips
  5. Push up just before your arms lock out, but don’t let elbows lock
  6. Let your body down 1 inch above the ground, but not touching the ground
  7. Repeat

Wide Pushups

Outer Chest Workout

Widening your had position will increase the strain on your outer chest while a normal pushup will target the inner chest and triceps.

Exercise Plateau

Pushups are an essential workout from the average guy to the most extreme bodybuilder. Pushups can be used to supplement a regular routine of benchpress which will help break the plateau effect that bodybuilders often experience. If you go to the gym and cant seem to get in the groove of lifting like you usually do then do some pushups to break up your workout routine. The guys in the movie 300 didn’t get massively ripped by doing the same bench-press routine every week. Switch it up and see some results!

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