How Much Water Should I drink in a Day?

how-much-water-should-I-drink-in-a-dayCliche Answer“8 glasses a day”…

But that can mean a lot of things! I ask myself a several question when I hear this:

  • How big is your glass?
  • How much do you weigh?
  • How active are you?
  • Do you drink pre-workout and/or creatine supplements?

How much water should I drink?

My rule is, and forgive my crudeness, look at your pee. If your pee is clear then you are drinking enough water. Yellow pee means you are dehydrated. I weigh about 200lbs, so I need a lot of water. Added to that I have an intense workout every day.

If you are active or lifting weights

For me I try to drink DOUBLE the recommended daily intake of 8 glasses a day. But I don’t measure or track how many oz of water I’m drinking, that takes too much work. Like I said before, if your pee is yellow then you need to drink more.

If you are like me and go to the gym everyday then you need to drink a lot! Get a man size cup and start chugging. You will feel better. Your muscles are made up of 75% water, and so is our planet. Water will make you stronger, it will give you energy and it will keep you healthy.

Pre-workout drinks and water

If you have ever felt tired after drinking a pre-workout drink it could very possibly be because you are not drinking enough water with it! Water is what delivers all that pre-workout drink goodness to your muscles and gives you “the pump”. Where does the tight feeling in your muscles come from when your working out you may ask? Its water. Nothing works with out it.

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