LG Sciences Trifecta Stack Review

The Trifecta stack by LG Science is a complete muscle building package capable of putting on 10 to 20 pounds of rock hard muscle mass on your frame in a 6 to 8 week period. Use the complete stake made up of Methyl 1-D, Methyl Masterdrol (MMv3) and Formadrol Extreme to round off the cycle. This is a perfect all in one product for mass, strength and cuts. The only thing I can compare it to is a nice tren and test cycle. Read on to learn more.

Methyl 1-D

The active ingredients in this compound will give you amazing gains in strength and size while helping to burn fat. This product even has an estrogen blocker to help reduce any effect of estrogen and limits gyno (bitch tits) from forming. Methyl 1-D will also increase your sex drive and we know the lady of the house will like that. A lot of people are calling this a chemical cousin to testosterone and for good reason, it act just like an anabolic/androgenic steroid and packs on the mass.

Methyl Masterdrol MMv3

Methyl Masterdrol works a lot like a pre workout supplement increasing you focus and workout intensity so you can blast through even the toughest of workouts. Methyl Masterdrol is not a mass gainer on its own but is good at adding strength to push past plateaus. Combined with Methyl 1-D and you got the perfect mass and strength combination. This will help to make for the perfect cutter in the stack.

Formadrol Extreme

This supplement is great either by itself or after a cycle like in the Trifecta stack. It fight off the effects of estrogen by using two of the best anti estrogen ingredients, reducing the chance of fat gain, water retention and bloat and giving the user a positive testosterone to estrogen ratio helping to keep every pound of gains you made will using the Trifecta stack.

The Trifecta stack by LG Science is a perfect all in one supplement stack pack. It has LG Sciences What Are You Oncompounds for mass, strength, and recovery along with increasing your workout intensity and focus. To round off the deal it has a meal plan and exercise plan to maximize your results and pack on the lean muscle mass. The stack is available at most discount bodybuilding supplements stores and is well worth looking into.
LG Sciences What Are You On
Price: $4.99

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