Lose Man Boobs With These Chest Workouts

Although men can be afflicted with this condition due to hormones or heredity, in most cases, men are affected with a condition called gynecomastia due to simply being overweight or out of shape. The common phrasing for gynecomastia is known as man boobs. This is a condition in which men experience having deposit of fat in their chest that are so noticeable, it appears as if the man is sprouting breasts. Needless to say, this condition can cause a lot of shame and embarrassment for the man struggling with this condition.

However, there are ways for men to overcome the shame that comes from having noticeable man boobs. They can simply get on the road toward weight loss and health. They can do this by making targeted changes in their diet. In many cases, when a man changes his eating habits in order to lose weight, he’ll lose the fatty tissue in his chest as well. Another way that he can get rid of the fat hanging in his chest is through exercise.

Performing specific chest exercises does a couple of things. First, performing chest exercises allows for a man to develop his pectoral muscles. When these muscles are activated, they will burn the fat that is hanging around the chest for fuel resources. So, not only can a man develop will-chiseled pecks, but he can burn off the fat that causes man boobs at the same time.

Here are a few chest workouts that are very effective in getting rid of man boobs without the need forĀ gynecomastia surgery:

Chest Flies: This exercise is performed by setting on a bench, a chair, or a weight machine. A man would hold either dumbbells or place their hands in the pads of a weight machine, with their palms facing each other. The object is to press the muscles of the chest together, while using weight. This helps to really build up and define the pecks.

Overhead Lifts: Overhead lifts can be done sitting down while reclining. This involves lifting weight over one’s head. This also works to challenge the muscles of the chest.

Push Ups: Pushups are commonly used in boot camp training, in order to develop the pecks, the shoulders, the back and the forearms. This involves using one’s own body weight to lift the body up and down. This exercise is a classic and works excellently to decrease fat in the chest.

Bench Presses: Bench presses are performed while lying down on a bench, and pressing up weights by the arms, while using one’s pectoral muscles. This is another extremely effective exercise to engage in.

The best part about these exercises is that they don’t require surgery, downtime, or even necessarily going to a gym! A well defined or at least a masculine flat chest can be achieved, without having to endure gynecomastia surgery.

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