USPLabs Jack3d With Protein Shake

“USPlabs Jack3d, Tropical Fruit Punch, 250 Grams”
jacked 3d
Note: Everyone reacts differently to nutritional supplements. This is my personal experience with Jack3d jacked 3d

To maximize your workout performance Jack3d should be used as a nutritional supplement, not a replacement.

Side Effects of Jack3d if Taken Without Food

Some believe that pre-workout drinks are best taken on an empty stomach. I disagree. When I have taken Jack3d on an empty stomach my surge of energy is short lived and then I fall into a tired jittery state. My muscles don’t experience the pump that I would anticipate.

Jack3d Taken With Food

On the other side, Jacked will have decreased effectiveness if taken right after eating a large meal. If your body is in the process of digesting heavy food the caffeine, arginine, and other ingredients won’t absorb as well.

Since I work out around 6:00PM, and a long time after lunch, some nutrition is badly needed before going to they gym. I drink a protein shake right before taking my pre-workout drink. The protein shake is just enough nutrition that it won’t diminish the effects of the Jack3d. I feel 10 times better at the gym if I take my pre-workout drink after a healthy shake.

whey protein shake recipes

Protein Shake Recipe

  • Frozen vanilla yogurt
  • Strawberries
  • Half serving of 100% whey protein
  • 2% milk

For a complete list of Jack3d ingredients see the article titled “Jack3d Ingredients Review”.

“USPlabs Jack3d, Tropical Fruit Punch, 250 Grams”

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