Ordering Take-Out without Damaging Your Diet

We all have nights when we just don’t feel like cooking. For many Americans, the solution is simply to order a pizza, Chinese food, or some other kind of take-out meal, but unfortunately, this treat can wreak havoc on your waistline. Luckily, there are a few ways to sneak some healthy foods into your order. Here’s how to order take-out with damaging your diet too much:

  • Look for options that load in the veggies.

Many take-out menus do have some healthier options; you just have to know how to spot them! Look for meals that are almost completely vegetarian or at least have a strong veggie component, such as chicken and broccoli from your local Chinese restaurant or a veggie sub from your local pizza place. The fewer carbs there are, the better.

  • Ask for sauces and dressings on the side.

Often, the calories and far in a menu item come from being drenched in a sauce, and even salads can be very unhealthy with the addition of gobs of dressing. Ask for an sauce-like item on the side so you can better control how much you use. Doing this will make even unhealthy items, like chicken wings, a little healthier. When possible, skip the restaurant sauces altogether. You can add your own lighter dressings at home, rather than using the restaurant version, which probably includes a ton of salt, sugar, or butter.

  • Order only enough for one meal.

Delivery places often offer deals where you can get several pizzas, meals, etc. for one low price. While these may be tempting, having junk in your refrigerator so you have leftovers for the next week is not a good idea. Cheating on your diet for one meal won’t cause too much damage. Cheating all week will. Keep your order small and if there are leftovers, throw them away or invite a friend over to help you eat them.

  • Choose steamed, baked, or grilled over fried.

As a rule of thumb, steamed, baked, or grilled foods will be healthier than fried foods. If there are such items listed on the menu, ask. Often, a restaurant will be happy to bake something rather than deep fry it. All you have to do is make the request.

  • Skip the dessert.

Take-out desserts usually don’t deliver on taste anyway. If you really want a treat to go with your diet-busting dinner, pick up a pint of low-fat sherbet or frozen yogurt. You can also grab some fresh fruit – whatever’s in season – for a sweet treat after your meal. This is a much better option than the dessert pizza or chocolate cake you can order from a menu.

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