High-Tech Health: Your Smartphone and the Gym

You might be surprised as to how many ways your smartphone – or another mobile device – can impact your health and your health insurance.  In this article, we approach mobile devices’ place at the gym.  As it turns out, it could be the most important accessory you have: bring it with you!

Do You Go to a Gym?

The gym doesn’t necessarily seem to have a direct link to health insurance savings. Getting regular exercise and eating well both have plenty of benefits on their own, regardless of what health care savings they may bring. And health insurance can only protect your wallet, so you have to look after your health no matter what level of insurance you may have! But having a proactive approach to your health can do much to help you save on health care costs, as well as boosting your overall health and happiness.

Two Powerful Motivators on Your Smartphone

A smartphone has two useful functions that can help to motivate your exercise at the gym.  Note that there are plenty of mobile devices that can work for these purposes; for instance, the iPod Touch works just fine.

  • Music: Forget exercising – you can rid yourself of some stress just by listening to your favorite music!  Well, we won’t forget about exercising entirely, as it’s still one of the best ways to stay healthy. But creating a playlist of the appropriate music (most people prefer up-tempo stuff to exercise to) will make the time float away while you are cycling, rowing or lifting weights.  Note that many gyms will have television screens around the gym showing a music channel or motivational fitness video. You could even try reading a book if you don’t get motion sick on the treadmill or ski machine.
  • Exercise Apps and Logs: Exercise apps are a popular item in the mobile software market, and it’s no surprise that this is so.  Think about it: would you like a free program that can monitor your progress, show you how to perform exercises, and keep a record of your favorite routines?  It’s so much simpler than pen and paper – and you can keep track of your goals. Research shows that this helps to prevent individuals quitting their exercise program).
  • Web Browsing: If you have an Internet connection via a mobile data provider or a WiFi connection, you could surf the Internet while on the bike or treadmill.  Find a radio station that you like online and you won’t have to worry about playlists.

In so many additional ways, technology can help with matters of health.  For instance, you may use the Internet on your smartphone for looking up consumer information about prescription medications, or to help you find the best health insurance policies.

Overall, the smartphone or mobile device can be a powerful tool when you are at the gym.  It is both entertaining and a great way to track how you are progressing.  Check out some of the apps that are available; you’ll be impressed.  Bring your mobile device and a pair of headphones to the gym, and you’ll be set.


This article is provided by Brian Neese, a frugal health and finance blogger at http://HealthInsuranceComparison.com.au and http://BestHealthInsurance.com.au.

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