Maintaining a Healthy Weight In Today’s World

Everyone loves a little treat now and then; candy, chocolate, or drive-through fast food. Now more than ever before, we have an incredible array of food choices and indulgences. Unfortunately, with the ever-expanding choices of the food market, our society is facing an ever-expanding plethora of health issues tied to over-eating and obesity. The fastest growing health issue facing our culture today is that of obesity, which has increased dramatically over the past thirty years. While a few extra pounds generally do not pose a health risk to a person, morbid obesity and chronic inactivity definitely play a role in damaging a person’s health.

Why We’re Changing

Studies show that one in every three people is overweight, and this can directly be attributed to our changing lifestyle. Many jobs and professions which used to be highly physical now employ the use of machinery and computers instead. Hobbies and pass-times have become increasingly passive as videogames and television become more mainstream in our homes. All of these factors combine to make obesity issues a forefront in those which face society today. If your sedentary lifestyle is beginning to cause an issue for you in terms of health risks, you may be feeling like it’s time to make a positive change in your eating habits and daily schedule to start curbing these issues.


A poor diet can mean an increased risk for many things, including cancers, diabetes, heart disease and other issues. Yet, changing your eating habits also means spending time and energy becoming familiar with what your body needs and how you can get it. One of the most prominent tips that doctors suggest to patients struggling with over-eating or poor nutrition is to cut out processed foods as much as possible. This can be challenging, as it often requires you to find the time to retrain yourself on what you reach for in moments of hunger, but within a month you can easily start to see results simply by cooking and eating one homemade meal per day.


With the use of cars becoming more common, researchers have found that people are walking less and less. The obesity rate among children soars as very few walk to school or enroll in after-school activities. Exercise is always a recommended part of any weight loss regime, but should never be introduced without a clear idea about what is safe and what is not. Small changes in habit, like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or parking towards the back of the parking lot, can serve to create helpful habits in your lifestyle to encourage blood flow and weight loss.

When people begin making small changes in their diet, portion control and mobility, they nearly immediately notice results. There are so many benefits to getting healthy and fit, you may find yourself beginning to look forward to walks and healthy meals. You’ll also be adding years to your life, and lowering health risks that may be costing you money on health insurance.

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