Why We Lose Muscle as We Age

There have been dozens of studies done to determine the effect that age and different hormones have on our body’s ability to obtain and retain muscle mass. Recently I saw one that was written about the relationship between older men that had more testosterone and older men that had less testosterone. The more group ended up having more muscle mass which makes sense, testosterone is highly involved in the muscle building process.

The interesting thing is our testosterone levels increase when we do things such as regularly working out, eating a healthier diet, and getting adequate sleep. Our bodies start to deteriorate when we reach a certain age, but they don’t have to deteriorate as quickly as they sometimes do. My point is that exercise can (in a manner of speaking) turn back the clock, or at least slow it down. One way to do this is with home workouts. Nothing too complicated just the right amount of exercise to begin the body’s self rejuvenation process.

We’re always hearing about how getting older causes lose in bone density and muscle mass, but most of that loss is because we become more sedentary as we age, so take a stand and fight for your body.

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